Artist Spotlight – Thomas Buckley

Artist and storyteller Thomas Buckley is premiering his work entitled Repositorium at Frequency Festival 2021! He is very interested in how objects hold the marks of the people who use them and tell individual stories. We asked him about his practice to find out more.

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Artist Spotlight: Arch 468

Visionary, innovative, familiar, unnerving, curious, spell binding and generous. This is how arts production and development hub, Arch 468 describes their work. We asked Arch 468 what our Festival theme of Connection meant to them.

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A short film featuring the events, installations, experiences and happenings at Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture 2019.

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Highlights: Day 3 of Frequency 2019

Video highlights of day 3 at Frequency Festival 2019, Lincoln.

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FREQUENCY Experience Video

Some highlights from Friday of Frequency 2019! 

Film credit: Electric Egg

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Artist George Eksts’ exhibition titled Serious String at Mansions of the Future has been re-curated by visitors at Frequency Festival over the past four days. The works exhibited in a special framework, and on wheels, allowed visitors, gallery staff and the artist to put the works together and to re-curate the show.

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THE MEET UP: #1 Women in Tech  Speakers Announced

On Wednesday 23 October 2019, Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture will convene its first inaugural event bringing together the collective voices, from across the creative industries and education sector alongside key influencers and policy makers, to champion Women in Tech and help shape the future of digital for all.

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A Confused Mass, Sophie Rogers

Inspired by the way sci-fi creates fictional universes, artist Sophie Rogers uses digital software to create navigable simulations of imagined places and scenes.

In August 2019 Sophie undertook a residency with Mansions of the Future, resulting in a digital commission to coincide with Frequency Festival.

This new online commission combines simulations of alternate realities with research into Donna Harraway’s writing on how the human and non-human are inextricably interlinked.

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YouKnow, Thomas Grogan. Photo credit Amina Bihi

YouKnow, Thomas Grogan

A series of public performances held in Liverpool and Salford (© Photo credits Amina Bihi) as well as a collection of eight video/text/audio essays available on his website.

YouKnow is a research project that was initiated by a residency at FACT Liverpool and the BBC in Salford and London.
By looking at BBC journalists’ workflows, BBC R&D experiments, and real world events, this research aims to evaluate the impact of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the construction and consumption of news items. This research has materialised itself through several outputs:

Thomas Grogan is Franco-British artist and design researcher based in London. With a background in Industrial and Speculative Design, he has developed a practice that is driven by ethnographic research, investigating current and future social issues surrounding emerging technologies. His work varies from installation, filmmaking, to performance.

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Fifth edition of Frequency Festival coming in 2019

We are very excited to announce that our fifth edition of Frequency Festival will be hosted in Lincoln from 24–27 October 2019.

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Artist Focus: IntAR-Media

Lincoln based company IntAR-Media is a digital consultancy which helps businesses get involved in the digital future by creating interactive technology solutions including apps and software.
IntAR-Media was started by University of Lincoln graduate Stephen Fisher who, after being involved in smaller projects and working part time as a game journalist, decided to start out on his own with a company that shared his values. Fisher believes that technology should be used as a tool for learning and creative expression and that budget means nothing without passion and the aim to change the world for the better.
Stephen produces work ranging from Augmented reality, photography and character design.

Fisher and IntAR-Media worked closely with Frequency to develop a fun and engaging app for the festival – the first of its kind – that aims to enhance the experience of the festival-goers by giving users an interactive guide to the schedule as well as extra information and mini games to accompany their journey along the festival trail. 
We got the chance to ask Stephen a few questions:
What will the Frequency Festival App bring to Lincoln this October?
The Frequency application is for me not just a tool for providing information rather a method of engaging audiences via technology and encouraging exploration and education. Games are often seen as a form of escapism where anything is possible and no penalties lie and it is this, which has driven forward my interest into game design and interactive media as a whole. As a whole I believe people can achieve great things however we are often scared to do so, events like Frequency festival brings communities and expression together giving light and happiness.
What are you looking forward to about this years festival?
I am personally looking forward to meeting and seeing the talented work of my peers and delve into new worlds and passion that so many artists have clearly put into this years Frequency.
What does liberation mean to you?
Liberation for me is not just about the freedom of expression we as creative’s have but the responsibilities we have to inspire and help others reach their dreams.
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See Stephens work
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Artist Focus: Compagnia T.P.O

Compagnia TPO is based in Prato, Italy, with a variety of talents within their team they utilise theatre, dance and visual arts to interact with the audience. They mix art and play as interactive technologies allow the audience to immerse themselves in the show and use their bodies and movement to explore the space around them. This audience involvement creates unique interactive shows for children as well as installations for galleries and museums to introduce a younger audience to a world of contemporary arts.
Travelling over from Italy, TPO the interactive theatre group are bringing you and your children a fantastic multimedia show, immersive and interactive, mixing dance, music, projections and sculpture let your imagination run wild with this show. BLEU! dives into the world of sea creatures and ancient ruins, take a journey of discovery, explore the place and interact with the show through movement of the body.

“Visual, emotional and immersive theatre. Space is the protagonist in TPO’s shows with its images, colours and sounds. Thanks to the use of interactive technologies every show is transformed into a ‘sensitive’ environment where the thin border between art and play can be experienced.” – Insite Arts
Some of their past shows include Saltbush and Babayaga.
Catch the performances on Saturday 24th October and dive into a world of fish and sea creatures during Frequency 2015.
Book your tickets now at:
Tweet: @CompagniaTPO

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