Lincoln BIG are inviting creative practitioners to submit ideas for a series of fashion themed artworks at key locations across Lincoln city centre.

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A short film featuring the events, installations, experiences and happenings at Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture 2019.

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Frequency returned to Lincoln last month and transformed the city’s rhythm

FREQUENCY International Festival of Digital Culture - a digital festival for everyone - returned to ... November 27, 2019 on Blog, News, News updates

Highlights: Day 3 of Frequency 2019

Video highlights of day 3 at Frequency Festival 2019, Lincoln.

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The Meet Up 2019: #1 Women In Tech

On Wednesday 23 October, we introduced the inaugural THE MEET UP event to set the scene for Frequency Festival 2019. The event brought together the collective voices of the creative industries to explore ways in which we can move diversity forward in a technological age and help shape the future of digital.

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FREQUENCY Experience Video

Some highlights from Friday of Frequency 2019! 

Film credit: Electric Egg

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Friday at Frequency!

It’s been a fantastic Friday at Frequency 2019, thank you to everyone who came along!

We’ve had an exciting array of exhibitions, VR experiences, interactive and immersive installations, performances, family-friendly workshops and our Digital After Dusk event until 9pm. Here are a few of the highlights…

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Fifth edition of Frequency Festival coming in 2019

We are very excited to announce that our fifth edition of Frequency Festival will be hosted in Lincoln from 24–27 October 2019.

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TTFN: Ta Ta For Now

We have now brought Frequency Festival 2015 to a close.

This year we’ve ventured deep into the heart of the internet, taken a journey under the sea and fought for our right to dream. We found out if we were pretty or ugly and whether that even matters, we saw just how much the internet knows about us and heard the noise our digital communications create. We took a road trip through the US, got buried alive, flew into space from our apartments and even found enlightenment in a shopping centre. All in just ten days.

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Artist Focus: Squidsoup

Squidsoup is an internationally based group of artists, researchers and designers (UK/NO/AUS/NZ), their main members are Anthony Rowe, Gaz Bushell, Chris Bennewith, Liam Birtles, and Ollie Bown. Their work combines sound, physical space and virtual worlds to create immersive environments for events, festivals and galleries, utilising digital and interactive media to give the participants an active role within the work they are experiencing. The design and new media arts collective have created shows and installations internationally for a vast amount of events, winning awards including 2013 Bronze medal, Best Awards Spatial Design/Installations (NZ), 2013 Finalist, Installations, Architecture Now Interior Awards (NZ), 2013 Professional Notable Honoree, Core77 Design Awards (US), 2000 Winner, Best Online Art, International EMMA Awards (UK), and currently shortlisted for 2015 Lumen Prize and 2015 DARC awards. Squidsoup have also worked on Live shows creating 3D stage lighting design.
Building on their previous immersive light installation projects Aeolian light (2014) and Submergence (2013), Enlightenment (2015) uses a large array of responsive LEDs to surround and immerse the visitors. Allowing them to walk through the light display and directly interact with the work.
Originally commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral, and inspired by the impact of Magna Carta, Enlightenment explores the effects that the document has had in the last 800 years. ‘Magna Carta has come to symbolise key messages of human rights and equality – concepts that have rippled through space and time. But these ripples have been physical as well as intellectual – the ideas are highly charged and often challenge the status quo, resulting in a long list of power struggles and conflicts.’
The result is a beguiling, disorienting and immersive experience that alters our perceptions of space, place and each other.
Find out more about the installation from Salisbury Cathedral and the links to Magna Carta in the short documentary below.

You can experience this light display throughout the festival in the Waterside Shopping Centre
Squidsoup have featured on The Creators Project and the visual culture blog Colossal.
Visit: www.squidsoup.org
Tweet: @squidsoup
Supported by Waterside Shopping Centre.

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Artist Focus: Richard Knight

Richard Knight works creatively with the form of the radio show, exploring W.S. Burrough’s premise that the cut-up is a means to travel in both time and space.
Last year, his eighteen ‘The Four Points Are Thus Beheld’ radio shows for Tyneside Cinema’s Basic.fm were well received. These were a series of ‘uncurated’ explorations of sound, focusing on spoken word, poetry and field recordings.
His arts practice has developed over a period of forty years, from the early days of the London Film-makers Co-op to community arts in Lincolnshire. He is an experienced performer, graffiti artist, and a collaborator in a variety of fields. He teaches, writes and broadcasts.
The themes of his work are not always ‘conscious’, rather, they emerge through the process of the work.
‘Internal Landscapes’ is a radio show that represents a complex drift though the city of Lincoln, moving through both space and time.
Through the use of the cut-up we encounter different characters, times and places in Lincoln’s history as a city, folding in characters both real and invented, incorporating moments from the festival, conversations, monologues and various field recordings which use binaural sound to create perspective and a poetic sense of the City as a Whispering Gallery of haunted memories.

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Furtherfield People’s Magna Carta – Street Events

Furtherfield bring two weekends full of street games and events to Lincoln High Street for Frequency ’15. Create your own manifesto, draw a new video game, get involved with a lightening speed debate or just shout at a brick, as Frequency Festival takes over the High Street and Brayford Wharf.
Manifesto! – Holly Gramazio
Holly Gramazio and Sophie Sampson of Matheson Marcault are bringing their interactive game Manifesto! to the streets of Lincoln on 24th and 25th October. A fast and funny game exploring some of the tensions inherent in the democratic process. Work against the other team to get your manifesto out there first, but make sure it’s something you can all stand behind! The game asks you to think about personal beliefs and compromise via the medium of flags, boards and shouting. Drop in for ten minutes to play or see the online gallery at manifestogame.tumblr.com

Holly Gramazio and Sophie Sampson from Frequency Festival on Vimeo.
24-25 October, 10.30-5pm, High Street (Shopping Centre Main Entrance)
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Everywhere A Sign: A Guided Walk by Tim Waterman
Tim Waterman is a landscape architect, urbanist, and writer who writes about taste, democracy, and power in landscapes.
The walk looks at how the urban landscape has evolved to provide cues to human behaviour, to improve or curtail our freedoms in the city, and to facilitate or hinder the construction of civil society and the public realm. In the spirit of Magna Carta, the walk through Lincoln’s streets explores how our freedoms and the right to the city and landscape are mutually assured by trespass, dissent, resistance and manners.
24 Oct 3pm and 25 oct 11am
Meeting point: Speakers’ Corner (High Street and Cornhill)
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Challenging A Brick – Stephen Sheehan
The brick will always me a brick, no matter how much you scream at it.
Reprising a three minute action of screaming at a brick. To be performed live once by the artist and then repeated by local theatre students.
Born and living in Birkenhead Stephen Sheehan is an artist creating a variety of work, ranging from films to performances. Challenging A Brick will be an impromptu street performance to be performed live once by the artist and then repeated by local theatre students in various locations along the festival trail.
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The Rewriting of the Magna Carta
A participatory work for the people of Lincoln. A team of social media scribes will observe and listen for insights and utterings of participants in the street activities, sharing them back into the net via a selection of popular hashtags.
Play Your Place: Play the MC
People of all ages bring their experience, aspirations and expertise to public game-jam events through two world-forming activities: drawing and play. The result is hundreds of drawings and a new platform game level of People’s Magna Carta of Lincoln.
31 October – 01 November, 11-4pm
Talkaoke: A pop up talk show led by The People Speak
A pop-up talk show, set up on the street around an illuminated round table with an enthusiastic host sitting in the middle on a swivel chair. Participants are given the microphone whenever they want, coming and going as they please, generating a conversational journey from one unexpected subject to another.
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31 October – 01 November, 11-5pm
Sat 31 Oct at Cornhill and Sun 01 Nov tbc

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Find out more about People’s Magna Carta


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