Frequency returned to Lincoln last month and transformed the city’s rhythm

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Highlights: Day 3 of Frequency 2019

Video highlights of day 3 at Frequency Festival 2019, Lincoln.

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See-Through Tonight!

Tonight at 7:30pm Claire Gaydon presents See-Through at LPAC Studio 1 as part of Frequency Festival 2019.  Expect to laugh a lot!

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Interview with Michael Makerson

Michael Makerson MP being interviewed just before his press conference at Lincoln Drill Hall for A Moment of Madness, by The Other Way Works as part of Frequency Festival 2019.

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A Moment Of Madness Trailer

A Moment Of Madness explodes out of the confines of the theatre into the gritty reality of the city – fusing compelling drama with the excitement of real-time gameplay to create a visceral new live experience.

A Moment of Madness is coming to Lincoln Drill Hall on Friday 25 October & Saturday 26 October as part of Frequency Festival 2019.

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Step Sonic Research

Research behind Step Sonic by Tom Dale Company coming to Frequency Festival 2019.

Step Sonic: Part 1 & 2 are coming to LPAC on Friday 25 October as part of Frequency Festival 2019.

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Artist Focus: Louise Orwin

This show is about you rating me based solely on my looks…

Who is Louise Orwin?
Louise Orwin is a live artist, researcher, writer and performer. Her work is both live and recorded, with incarnations in performance, video and photography. She is fascinated by liveness, awkwardness, femininity and masochism – but above all, she likes to have fun.
Louise has shown work internationally and all over the UK. She is preoccupied with a doomed sense of femininity which she feels imposes cultural limitations on her self and her work. She enjoys playing with these perceived limitations and stereotypical notions of the feminine in popular culture.
Her practice fuses the horrifyingly intimate with the excruciatingly public, often engaging its audiences in demanding, exciting and risk-taking positions: always asking not only what the audience may take from the performance, but what the performance may take from its audiences. By mixing the highly theatrical with the perfectly mundane, her work strives to challenge what we may conceive of as entertaining in a fast-moving and media-saturated world.
Louise’s works include A Girl and A Gun – a live performance work challenging our fascination with gendered violence on screen, which featured at Camden’s Calm Down Dear Festival of feminism and is due to visit Amsterdam later this year – Humiliation Piece which saw the artist put her fate in the hands of her audience as she struggled through a game of Truth or Dare controlled and judged by the viewers, and The Betty Series – a continuing performative photographic series exploring female iconography and an obsessive connection with food.
What is Louise Bringing to Frequency?
Pretty Ugly focuses on the recent global trend of young girls posting videos on YouTube asking viewers to rate their looks. Louise Orwin tried this for herself, living as three teenage alter-egos online. This installation, performance and workshop explores what happened. There is a live YouTube experiment, some Britney, a tender and inappropriate love story and some of Louise’s childhood toys. The piece is about our obsessions and pretensions and teenage girls. It’s also about you, me and the internet.
Pretty Ugly has received international media attention, being featured in New York Magazine, Wired, The Independent and on Woman’s Hour. It received its full London premiere at Camden’s People’s Theatre as the headlining act for the very first Calm Down, Dear Festival of Feminism in October 2013.
‘Pretty Ugly feels genuinely urgent and deeply necessary. It demands, and deserves, to be seen.’ Exeunt

Pretty Ugly Short Trailer from Louise Orwin on Vimeo.
Installation takes place at The Collection throughout the festival.
Performance Thursday 29th 7.30pm Book Tickets (Pay What You Think It Was Worth)
Workshop Friday 30th 2-4PM. Book onto the workshop
Visit Website
Twitter #PrettyUgly

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Artist Focus: Joe Facer

Originally from Sheffield, Joe is currently studying English and Drama at the University of Lincoln. With an interest and active involvement with theatre throughout his life, he wrote and directed a play while at sixth form which raised £800 for charity. After his degree Joe wishes to attend a drama school after finishing university.

Joe Facer brings a small and intimate performance ‘Lincoln’s Underworld’ to Frequency Festival. Combining video, sound and live acting, this performance brings to life the strange world of St Peter’s Passage.
Lincoln Underworld is showing at the Chad Varah House Wednesday 28th October, 12pm and 3pm. Due to limited space, arrive early to get your place.

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Having spent the last six years of my working life at New Perspectives Theatre Company I have experienced a wide range of theatre practice taking place across the East Midlands. Now happily in post with a new challenge at Lincoln Drill Hall I’m well aware that Lincoln, unlike the other counties of our region has no producing theatre and therefore relies almost entirely on touring product brought into the county, either to the network of arts centres working collaboratively as Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV) or to the thriving rural touring network.
However, small independent producing companies are emerging. One of these, Zest Theatre, has been co-commissioned by the Core LOV venues of Lincoln Drill Hall, South Holland Centre, Guildhall Arts Centre Grantham and Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre to create a piece called Gatecrash, performed at the Drill Hall on the first weekend of Frequency.
This piece utilises silent disco technology and a promenade performance space to present a unique theatrical event for audience members who will be drawn in to the story in a way not seen on our stage before.
For a county rich in culture and heritage but lacking in the facilities or resource to create and produce our own theatre product, this show should be championed and trumpeted to the skies. This is possibly the single most innovative, breathtaking piece of theatre that will be created in this region this year. And made entirely in Lincolnshire. Let’s be proud of it.
Chris Kirkwood
Chief Executive, Lincoln Drill Hall

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Artist Focus 33: Blast Theory

“Blast Theory seems finally to offer Britain a theatre group that delves into our popular culture to create deeply challenging work.” The Sunday Times
Blast Theory is renowned internationally as one of the most adventurous artists’ groups using interactive media, creating groundbreaking new forms of performance and interactive art that mixes audiences across the internet, live performance and digital broadcasting. Led by Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr and Nick Tandavanitj, the group’s work explores interactivity and the social and political aspects of technology. It confronts a media saturated world in which popular culture rules, using performance, installation, video, mobile and online technologies to ask questions about the ideologies present in the information that envelops us.
Their list of awards is impressive, they’ve won the Golden Nica for Interactive Art at Prix Ars Electronica, the Maverick Awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards in the USE and The Hospital’s Interactive Art Award among others. The group has received four BAFTA Award nominations.
Dial Ulrike And Eamon Compliant
To start you call a phone number which is marked on the wall.
You hear a short introduction and choose whether you will be Ulrike or Eamon then hang up. You find a quiet place to begin.
Two minutes later your phone rings: now you are the person you chose. As you hear about the progression that each person makes into violence and death you stare at the everyday surroundings. You might be asked to find a vantage point, to linger near a doorway or to find a nearby bus shelter. You loiter, you gaze into the distance and you use your keypad to make your choices. You hear about TV appearances, the fire bombing of a supermarket and the night that Benno was shot by a cop on a demonstration. Or, as Eamon, you reflect on getting beaten by soldiers as a teenager, the killing of Ivan Toombs and your rise to the ‘Nutting Squad’ in charge of internal security for the IRA.
As Eamon and Ulrike reach the climax of their political actions, you too must make a choice. Hang up now and walk away. Or stay on the line and make a public statement about your political beliefs.
Recordings are uploaded to the web following the festival. Participants receive a text message telling them where to find their recording and those made by others.
A version of this work – Ulrike and Eamon Compliant – premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2009 and has since toured internationally.
Frequency 2013 will host the world premiere of Dial Ulrike and Eamon Compliant.
Tune in to Blast Theory’s news

Follow Blast Theory and check out videos of other Blast Theory projects.

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