The Process to My Final Images by Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts shares the creative process behind her black and white photographs, Industrial Quarry. The creative brief came from Frequency 2019’s theme of “Disruption=Cultural Reinvention”, during a module in her second year studying BA Photography at University of Lincoln.

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YouKnow, Thomas Grogan. Photo credit Amina Bihi

YouKnow, Thomas Grogan

A series of public performances held in Liverpool and Salford (© Photo credits Amina Bihi) as well as a collection of eight video/text/audio essays available on his website.

YouKnow is a research project that was initiated by a residency at FACT Liverpool and the BBC in Salford and London.
By looking at BBC journalists’ workflows, BBC R&D experiments, and real world events, this research aims to evaluate the impact of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the construction and consumption of news items. This research has materialised itself through several outputs:

Thomas Grogan is Franco-British artist and design researcher based in London. With a background in Industrial and Speculative Design, he has developed a practice that is driven by ethnographic research, investigating current and future social issues surrounding emerging technologies. His work varies from installation, filmmaking, to performance.


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Greetings from Streetview! Willa Jamieson

This photographic project by Willa Jamieson looks at the ethics of surveillance, taking Streetview images of individuals minding their own business in their garden or street, and turning them into postcards. Wish you were here?
Willa Jamieson is a Lincolnshire based photographer studying BA Photography at the University of Lincoln. Her work covers a variety of subjects, primarily focusing on abandoned spaces and derelict landscapes, places discarded by society.

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Industrial Quarry 001, Victoria Roberts

Industrial Quarry, Victoria Roberts

Large scale black and white images show the magnitude of an industrial quarry and how it disrupts the surrounding landscape. A quarry can have multiple impacts on the environment; visual intrusion, dust, damaged landscape, loss of land and a deterioration in water quality.
Created in response to the Frequency Festival 2019 theme, ‘Disruption=Cultural Reinvention’, Robert’s photographs put the often-unearthly quarry landscapes front and centre, while her captions explore the work the industry is doing to restore this land to agriculture or woodland.

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Artist Focus: Mike Downing and Adam O’Meara

Mike Downing and Adam O’Meara are Lincoln based photographers and educators at the University of Lincoln for the School of Film and Media.
Mike Downing returns to Frequency, after showing Come Here, I Need You (Frequency 2013) and Failed Heirlooms (Frequency 2011).
Have you ever wondered what a portrait of you and your partner combined looks like? You and your family, friends or neighbours?
Adam and Mike bring Pedestrian Encounters, a participatory installation to create blended portraiture.
Typically portraiture seeks to emphasise the individual. Composite portraiture liberates us from this. All that is common remains, all that is individual tends to disappear.
Saturday 24th & 31st 09.00 – 17.00
Sunday Oct 25th & Nov 1st 11.00 – 16.00
5 Guildhall Street Lincoln Kodak Shop
Visit Adams Website
Visit Mike’s Website

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Artist Focus: Michelle Walsh & Hazel Donnelly

Michelle Walsh is a photographer and lecturer in Film and Media at the University of Lincoln. Her photography work visually explores identity and subjectivity with reference to contemporary neuroscience, eastern philosophy and participatory photographic methods.
Michelle Walsh has had her previous work ‘Come Back to Where You Are’, exhibited at the New Art Exchange Nottingham, as well as showcasing two works for Frequency Festival 2011. ‘The Empty Space’ were moving portraits that were composed like classical paintings. The second piece ‘Out of Nowhere, Nothing Answered’, invited the public one by one to relax their mind. Using EEG technology, the process triggered a camera creating a unique self-portrait.
Hazel Donnelly is a photographer and film maker as well as being the Project Director of New Media Lincs. Her work has been exhibited extensively, with regular gallery shows in Scotland and Ireland over the years as well as an exhibition in the Photographers Gallery, Perth, Australia.
Hazel returned to education to carry out an MA in Digital Imaging and Photography, with her final MA show exhibited in Lincoln Cathedral.
As Project Director of New Media Lincs, a Social Enterprise Business associated with the School of Film and Media at the University of Lincoln, she facilitates students in providing media services for the local community. Hazel picks relevant teams of people to offer companies fresh solutions and media skills, ranging from scripting, video production, digitisation, editing, animation and sound.

Together, they are bringing you an installation piece that will explore the individual narratives of immigrants living in Lincoln.
To accompany the installation, there will be a story and pop-up photo booth to collect the untold stories of displaced people living in the city.
Lucky Like will be showing at St Mary Le Wigford Church throughout Frequency 2015, with a pop-up story and photo booth taking place on both weekends of the festival.

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