A Collider Conversation – Cybersalon Debate on Digital Bill of Rights

19 October, 2015

Threshold Studios presents, in collaboration with Furtherfield:

A Collider Conversation – Cybersalon Debate on Digital Bill of Rights

Join this debate on the digital future and have your say on what a Magna Carta for the digital age might involve. Discuss our contemporary rights and liberties, and the ways technology has influenced how we view our own freedoms.

On the first evening of Frequency Festival 2015, will host a popular public debate with leading thinkers and activists, including Dr Richard Barbrook (Westminster University, Centre for the Study of Democracy) around recent calls for a Digital Bill of Rights. The world has just got a lot more complex, automation is eating the jobs and the future of humans and their rights have never been more uncertain.

This accessible debate will demystify the issues surrounding the politics of freedom and the Internet, and set the scene for the festival.


We will be joined by Professor Raul Espejo, a Chilean participant of the first cybernetic revolution from 1972 and co-author of Cybersyn, the first decision support system to aid the management of national economy. Prof Espejo is now a resident of Lincoln and a supporter of the Digital Bill of Rights.

He will be joined by Eva Pascoe, co-founder of the first Internet Café Cyberia (1994), and a digital rights activist from Cybersalon.

Together, with the audience, we will start to define a new framework for Digital Rights and explore how we might disrupt the seemingly inevitable progress of automation.

Cargill Lecture Theatre
Minerva Building,
University of Lincoln (Brayford Campus)
LN6 7TS Lincoln
United Kingdom

Friday, 23 October 2015 from 19:30 to 21:00

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