A Confused Mass, Sophie Rogers

9 July, 2019

In 2019, Sophie Rogers undertook a residency with Mansions of the Future where she researched the concept of ‘worlding’. The resulting digital commission, A Confused Mass, was created to coincide with Frequency Festival 2019. It combines simulations of alternate realities with research into Donna Harraway’s book Staying with the Trouble, where she writes about the Chthulucene.

Harraway conceives of our current epoch as the Chthulucene, where the human and non-human are inextricably linked, and which is made up of multispecies like spiders, squids and those with feelers or tentacles. Boundaries between species are blurred and tangled, from this muddle, or compost, creatures have learnt how to live with environmental ruin. Rogers’s research and ideas incorporate themes relevant to Mansions of the Future such as co-existence, the co-operative, new ways of living and heterotopias.

Supporting sound composition created by Poppy Moroney.

Commissioned by Mansions of the Future to coincide with Frequency Festival 2019.


About the Artist

Sophie Rogers

Sophie Rogers is a visual artist whose practice focuses on the act of word-building within virtual and manufactured spaces. Looking at sci-fi, fantasy and games, she builds brightly coloured landscapes that explore promises of imagined realities.

Rogers is based in London and has exhibited at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Barbican Centre, Tate Modern as part of Offprint London with Self Publish Be Happy and again with Future Late.

Facebook: @mansionsofthefuture

Twitter: @Mansions_Future

Instagram: @mansionsofthefuture @sophieirogers

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