Artist Focus 13: Jean Arbeu

24 September, 2013

‘When he isn’t hugging the stage in graceful rolls and protracted handstands, the choreography engages him in punchy rhythms and circular motions.’ The Times

Brazilian born choreographer and performer Jean Abreu choreographed his first work in 2003, and later that year was honoured with the Jerwood Choreography Award. Since then, his work has toured throughout the UK, Europe and Brazil including performances for London Dance Umbrella and the Southbank Centre.

He founded Jean Abreu Dance in 2009 and subsequently created Parallel Memories in collaboration with Brazilian choreographer Jorge Garcia, which premiered at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and toured to Brazil.

In 2012 Jean collaborated with Director Topher Campbell on a Channel 4 film commission that was part of the Random Acts series curated by the Ballet Boyz. He also researched and developed a new work Blood for its premiere in May 2013, which will be showing at Frequency 13.


The challenge in making Blood has been to lose a fear of the technological revolution that is happening around us. Soon most of our interactions will involve a digital interface of some kind, and Blood brings these two worlds together. Human interface and technology.

A captivating multi-sensory experience that goes beyond dance – Jean Abreu’s new work is a celebration of the strange beauty of life. Microscopic images of bodily fluids created by Gilbert & George from 1996-1998 are magnified and animated by digital artists Mirko Arcese and Luca Biada into a fluid, organic environment that both responds to and is manipulated by Abreu in this intensely physical performance.

Blood is also the first time Gilbert & George have allowed their paintings to be used in performance.

Revolution represents change, a challenge to what comes before. Like the world is in motion and new things are to come.


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