Artist Focus 15: Graham Cooper

September 26, 2013 | Blog, News updates

Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, specialising in Digital Media, Graham is also an active digital content creator, producing a wide variety of outputs predominantly used for marketing and promotional purposes. He has been collaborating with audio producer David McSherry on a number of projects ever since 2011, where they produced the promo trailer for the first Frequency Festival.

Graham’s most recent projects include the production of digital set design for a staging of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials at the Royal and Derngate theatre in Northampton, and the creation of 2013’s Cinema advert for the University of Lincoln.

Frequency Festival 2013 promotional animated trailer

In 2011, Graham produced the animated trailer promoting Lincoln’s first digital culture festival, and has returned again this year to do the same. Collaborating with David Mcsherry once again, this year’s work has a familiar yet fresh style and feel. The trailer in particular was influenced by the idea of a ‘Call to arms’, intended to stir the audience into action.

In 2011 Graham produced the visuals onto which David supplied the soundtrack. This year, David produced the audio initially, to which Graham responded. The old switcheroo.

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