Artist Focus 18: Trope

27 September, 2013

Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez met at Goldsmiths University in 2011, and began an artistic collaboration using their mutually developed technique where concrete objects are animated through selective attention.

These works not only combine their mutual interests in creating embodied, kinetic art, but also are a result of a unique marriage of skills. Carol is a sculptor and researcher, from a background of animation and film editing and spent 20 years working across documentary, drama, music videos, and commercials. Bruno is a French audiovisual artist living in London. He has created visuals for music concerts, operas, dance and theatre shows, as well as exhibiting audiovisual installations.


Conversio will re-animate an ancient space through a new medium of screen-less animation.  In this unique installation, specifically designed for the festival, the site of the old ruined wall of Posterngate is transformed by modern technology to become an integrated backdrop to a diasynchronic installation: an audiovisual kinetic sculpture of choreographed time.

Participants are drawn into a dark, underground space to become immersed in an orchestrated metaphorical conversation between Lincoln’s buried past and modern times.

Conversio explores breaking free from the shackles of previous history to create new configurations. In a spectacular industrial ballet, space is carved with chains that link past and present in this old dock of roman times. Visuals are synchronized with sounds that first reflect the ghostly choreography of animated objects then subside to an evocative echoing emptiness.

Conversio is Latin for revolution, meaning in this ancient context ‘turning around’, and this audio-visual installation reflects on the cyclical nature of life, through exploration of the continuous and the transformational. Their work uses loops, which are circuits or revolutions. It is a revolutionary new medium.

The artwork can only be experienced in the space of the installation, it is impossible to reproduce the experience through video or print representation: you have to be there!

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