Artist Focus 20: Matt Whetherly

1 October, 2013

Matt Whetherly recently graduated from the University of Lincoln, where he studied Interactive Design for three years. He spent his time there experimenting with techniques and technologies that were new to him. It’s there that he developed such an interest in the possibilities of Arduino and the community that helps others to get projects off the ground. He’s now working on developing his skills further so he can take his work to the next level.


A lightbulb is considered a symbol of an idea and here the symbol remains, redesigned for the modern and digital age. They represent the spark of imagination against a routine darkness, hanging over the heads of everyone. All it takes is for one person to reach out and touch the heart or mind of another and a chain of events begins. It spreads the idea from person to person, creating a network of like-minded individuals, united by a common perception. This is how you start a revolution.

With social media in a state of hyper connectivity, reaching a large group of people is a more accessible task than ever before. Contact shows how quickly one person can speak to one hundred, the effect of sharing, reblogging and retweeting.

‘In my practice, revolution is about the growing availability and ease of access to technology. Arduino and Raspberry Pi have made projects more viable for novices and non-professionals and the communities that surround them are all about open source code and support. This helps people like me make our ideas possible. Open source is something I believe in, what I do isn’t magic, so there are no secrets to hide.’ – Matt Whetherly

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