Artist Focus 22: Barret Hodgson

2 October, 2013

Barret Hodgson is a video artist and digital projection specialist based in Nottingham. His company Vent Media creates and stages of visual media for live performance including theatre, dance and music, art installations, interactive media projects, film production and high end projection. Using a wide range and combination of digital software and hardware, Barret’s bespoke films and graphic animations and live video mapped installations have been toured widely across the world.

Previous productions and clients include: Empty Bed Blues, Smile & Flat Stanley at the Lakeside Theatre; The Ashes, Glamour & Garage band at Nottingham Playhouse; Arthur and George & First Person Shooter, Birmingham Repertory Theatre; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Royal & Derngate Theatre and Warp Films.

Recent collaborations include Choreographer Tom Dale (I Infinite and Refugees of the Septic Heart), Performance Artist Hetain Patel (To Dance like my Dad & Be like Water), and Writer Michael Eaton (The Masks of Mer).

The Eternal Return

‘Not only are our physical self’s locked into this perpetual wheel of evolution but also our inspirations, and concepts themselves.’

A university is an institution of revolution, a place where new ideas are continually conceived, nurtured, and given life. The Eternal Return celebrates these themes as an audio video installation projected onto the three monoliths on the facade of the University of Lincoln’s new Library.

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