Artist Focus 29: Chris Levine

10 October, 2013

International artist Chris Levine is best known for his insightful portrait of the Queen, which is already being described as the most iconic portrait of the 21st century. ‘Lightness of Being‘  a photograph capturing the Queen of England resting her eyes between exposures, was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery to an audience of half a million, before being transferred to The National Gallery of Scotland, Belfast and and Cardiff.

Chris is now coming to Lincoln to present ‘Angel Presence’ for Frequency 13, an LED light sculpture that uses the persistence of visual phenomena. Set within St Swithins Church, this beautiful light installation considers human experience within art, and gives audiences the unique opportunity to see Chris’s work in an intimate and detailed space.

As an artist Chris transcends boundaries, with his work crossing over into the realms of  fashion, performance and music with his fresh take on image and form. Kate Moss, Grace Jones and even the much loved figure of Barbie have been at the heart of his recent work, as well as a fascinating collaboration between himself and the Royal Opera House.

‘Light is Love’


Find out more about Chris and his works on his website.

Find out more about Chris at Frequency 13.


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