Artist Focus 35: Dave Griffiths

18 October, 2013

Dave Griffiths is a Manchester-based artist and curator whose practise incorporates video, celluloid, animation, photography, installation, printmaking, writing and social media.

For Frequency 13 Dave will be presenting Babel Fiche, a project described as ‘a video museum for future humans to somehow translate’. Dave is also involved in the Misdirect Movies exhibition, curated by Andrew Bracey and John Rimmer, where his work with cue dots (tiny images that signal changes in reel film projection) are presented for guests to gaze at.

Babel Fiche

‘Babel Fiche is a crowd-sourced film that collects and remixes video footage from online contributors. Babel Fiche is an imaginary medium for future anthropologists. It asks which behaviours, objects, traditions and conflicts we want to communicate to a future world. Today’s human cultures, physique and technology will inevitably develop out of all recognition. So how might future humans translate our current time?’

Microfiche is a photographic medium that only needs light and lens to be able to view, making it a fantastic format to use in the archiving of materials as anyone, at any stage of technological advancement can see the images that the format contains. This type of film can last up to 500 years, providing the question at the heart of this project, what will people think of the society and culture that surrounds us in the future?

Dave explores our contemporary use of photographic images as lenses through which we commemorate and navigate our history, promoting us to think about how we view the past and our future generations will view our present.

 Babel Fiche will be showing at Bath House for Frequency 13

Misdirect Movies will be showing at Greyfriars

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