Artist Focus 4: il pixel rosso

14 September, 2013

Do you remember how the trees would burn with a fire that reached so high, that the birds fell from the sky like a rain of flaming miniature suns? 10,000 years ago that fire was your home, and now the Faruk have come to return you to that place…

Theatre and cinema combine in il pixel rosso’s immersive video goggle experience to create a multi-sensory journey, which places the audience at the heart of the narrative. and the Birds Fell from the Sky hijacks your eyes and ears to remove you from reality, and places you in the land of the Faruk, an anarchic, dreamy, dangerous world at the edge of civilisation.

Totally immersive and genuinely powerful, this video-goggle piece is as original as they come‘ Fringe Biscuit ****

Two audience members at a time are guided through the performance through simple audio instructions, and are moved through the space by ushers, to lose sense of their real physical location and to transfer fully into the fictional environment of the world of the Faruk.

Artist and deviser Silvia Mercuriali and multi-award winning film maker and artist Simon Wilkinson combine creative forces to form il pixel rosso, with the aim to create innovative and challenging ‘autoteatro’ work that reflects our condition as individuals and our relationship with the society that surrounds us.  They have toured and the Birds Fell from the Sky to Edinburgh, Brighton, Australia and London and now they are coming to Lincoln for Frequency 2013.


Revolution to us means constant evolution of form and technique, pushing the work into new territories and avoiding easy classification.’ il pixel rosso


Autoteatro is a term coined by Silvia Mercuriali’s partner company Rotozaza, and is described by the company as a performance where there is no other audience than those participating in the performance.  Rotozaza say that ‘Autoteatro does not ask audience members to be clever or inventive’ they are performing the piece for themselves, guided through the show with simple visual or auditory ques. For more information about Autoteatro and Rotozaza, you can visit their website here.

My response to the autoteatro style instructions was as immediate and unquestioning as that of a sleep walker’ The Guardian

Immersive theatre and audiovisual experiences are seeing a new wave of interest, with many companies focusing on the boundaries of audience reaction, reality and theatre, through the use and development of technological equipment.  If you are interested in il pixel rosso, keep an eye out for Zest Theatre and Proto-type Theater during Frequency 13.

il pixel rosso will be performing ‘and the Birds Fell from the Sky’ at Lincoln Drill Hall

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