Artist Focus 5: Chris Riley

15 September, 2013


Chris Riley is a British writer, broadcaster and film maker, specialised in science and history of science. He is also a pioneer of web journalism, as he reported for BBC’s first online news service in 1996.


Apollo raw and uncut


Apollo raw and uncut was Riley’s first video installation which was shown at the London Science Festival throughout the summer of 2009 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo missions. Before the installation moved to the Canadian centre for Architecture in Montreal, an estimated 3000 visitors passed through the event in London during its 40 day run.

Christopher Riley’s installation will be a unique experience for Frequency 13’s visitors, as it will be the first time it will be shown as a single screening event!

If you are curious about the content of the 13 hour film, here are some highlights:

• The nine Earthrises shot on Apollo missions 10, 11 and 12

• The full 9.5 minute slow motion lunar rover ‘Grand Prix’

• Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the lunar surface seen from the window of the Lunar Module and filmed by Buzz Aldrin.

• Breathtaking close up slow motion views of the Saturn V lifting off as seen from multiple cameras positioned around the launch pad.

We welcome Frequency 13 visitors to dip in an out of this installation, to catch a glimpse of this extraordinary footage.


Cosmic revolutions


For Riley’s work, the term ‘revolution’ has a double meaning. The video depicts both the Earth and the Moon’s own natural changes, which are scientifically called ‘revolutions’. But even more so, the whole piece represents a clear revolution in the way that human beings saw for the first time their home planet from so far away. This important change of perspective is a fundamental revolution that can be now available to everyone.

‘This unique moment in human history revolutionised our perception of the Earth – as a fragile oasis set against the blackness of space, and kickstarted an ecological awareness which we are still living through today.’ Chris Riley


 Apollo raw and uncut will be premiered at Frequency 13


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