Artist Focus 8: WIFE

18 September, 2013

WIFE can only be seen in the dark. WIFE works well with others. WIFE likes to play. Visually, WIFE is bold. Physically, WIFE is daring. Dreams are her driving force. She is metamorphosis.

WIFE are a collective of three choreographers and dancers Jasmine Albuquerque, Kristen Leahy, and Nina McNeely who also work as teachers, editors and animators. Based in LA, WIFE have been thriving in the underbelly of L.A. subculture, and we are pleased to welcome them to Frequency 13 to make their UK debut.

Describing themselves as ‘A Trinity of Illusory Performance Makers’ WIFE mix animation, projection mapping to create visceral, sensory performances, defying classification. They find their inspiration from myth, folklore, archetypes and the subtleties of everyday human behaviour.

The Grey Ones

The Grey Ones premiered in 2011 in California with a performance creating the ultimate visual experience that will leave your senses tingling, and your thoughts drifting through the myriad of images that are created on stage.

Inspired by ancient myth, organic matter, decay, and transcendence, The Grey Ones explores the use of projection mapping on moving bodies, and statuesque and saintly gestures to tell a story of the beginning of time. It explores the idea of ascension, of human beings need to rise beyond the ordinary through light, movement and animation.

‘Re-enter the trance of childhood when a moving light can be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen…’ Swoon Magazine


For WIFE revolution means ‘cycles, circles, celestial bodies revolving in space’. The Grey Ones brings revolutionary concepts together with revolutionary technology. Take a look at the trailer, and experience for yourself, what is in store with WIFE at Frequency 13.

If you like WIFE we reccommend seeing Jean Arbeu and Impossible.


WIFE will be making their UK premiere at Frequency 13


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