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23 September, 2015



co_LAB is the Collaboration Laboratory Research Network at the University of Lincoln, bringing together people from different fields and disciplines to collaborate on innovative trans-media projects. The co_LAB workshops have been held twice within the University of Lincoln as well as internationally.

Inspired by the previous MC2020 an EU Erasmus Intensive Programme, co_LAB implemented a similar teaching and learning model, to enhance collaboration through the use of digital, cloud-based collaborative tools.

The most recent workshop was held in May 2015, involving the College of Arts, College of Science and the College of Social Science within the University of Lincoln. The project theme was based on how the Magna Carta might be repurposed for the digital age, the brief was centred around surveillance culture, privacy and big data, with the outcomes being presented at Web We Want festival at the Southbank Arts Centre, London.


For Frequency 15, co_LAB are presenting three interactive experiences, Blind_Data, Caught in the Web and WWW25.

Blind Data

Blind Data places you on the other end of surveillance. Taking on the role of a data analyst, using just the digital footprint of individuals, can you determine what kind of people they are and whether they are just ordinary citizens or a potential threat? This interactive workshop challenges ideas and uses of online data.


Caught in the Web

Caught in the Web is a virtual reality web browser, created to immerse the viewer and take them through the developments in the 25 years of the web, exploring those which have either restricted or opened up new avenues for accessibility. Utilising the technology available through the Oculus Rift, immerse yourself in this experience.


WWW25 – What is the Web YOU want?

Created by James Field, Martyn Thayne and Graham Cooper, lecturers at the University of Lincoln, this interactive installation collates ideas and opinions from the audience and projects these into the work to crowd-source a digital Magna Carta for the future.


“The eclectic mix of projects that this festival always manages to attract. This year I’m most looking forward to Squidsoup’s Enlightenment – a project I have heard so much about yet never seen and now it’s on my doorstep!” – James Field

“After seeing a few of the projects at the world HCI conference, like Taphobos and Sky Cube, I’m excited to see even more crazy ideas at Frequency…” – Zach Jones

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