Artist Focus: EarFilms

26 September, 2015

‘A show of boundless imagination’ The Times

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Founded in 2010, EarFilms create immersive live events from audio, blindfolding their audiences to focus the sense, becoming a unique storytelling experience. EarFilms core team are founding member Daniel Marcus Clark, a writer storyteller, musician and composer. Chris Timpson the sound director, and Dannii Evans the producer. Together they have created storytelling for the imagination.



To Sleep, To Dream is a feature length piece allowing your imagination to create the storytelling world as the audience are blindfolded, allowing them to be fully immersed in the 3D audio, positioned from 23 speakers around them. To Sleep To Dream explores a story where dreaming is outlawed, following a central character as he begins to rediscover the act of dreaming.

In a society full of screens, this experience gives your brain the opportunity to create a world from the audio alone, letting your creativity run free.

To Sleep To Dream was successfully shown and sold-out in NYC, Melbourne, California, Brighton, and recently the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

“Stunning…Surreal and magical. Your imagination is left to run riot… A sensory experience like no other” The Argus

Listen to the trailer at:

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