Artist Focus: Illuminos

7 October, 2015

Creating visually inventive, memorable artworks and experiences, through projections and filmworks unique to location and audience.



Brought up in Derbyshire, brothers Matt and Rob Vale form Illuminos. They create visually inventive, memorable artworks and experiences, producing work of various sizes and depending on location, mixing installation, dance, movement and architecture. After exploring a location they produce site-specific work which brings the location to life and gives the audience an intimate experience as well as working with people directly to include them in the work.

we seek to create works that directly stem from the buildings, spaces and places we are fortunate to engage with

They have exhibited internationally in France, USA and Ireland, and were nominated for the 2010 Northern Arts Prize.



The 4th Wall in a theatrical and film sense is an invisible divide between audience and actor, Illuminos take this concept and liberate both parties by breaking the barrier. Through the 4th Wall is a video projection installation, utilising the Postern Gate. Tiny illuminated windows appear in the stone, offering glimpses into the daily activities of the little people living within. The audience gaze into the spaces as they begin to gaze out, they become aware of the viewer, freeing the observed and the observe in a shared intimate and magic moment.


4th wall


Past work includes Momentous a projection onto Leeds Civic Hall which huge crowds enjoyed as well as national broadcast on BBC’s The One Show.

You can find this magical projection throughout the festival at the Postern Gate.

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