Artist Focus: IntAR-Media

29 September, 2015

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Lincoln based company IntAR-Media is a digital consultancy which helps businesses get involved in the digital future by creating interactive technology solutions including apps and software.

IntAR-Media was started by University of Lincoln graduate Stephen Fisher who, after being involved in smaller projects and working part time as a game journalist, decided to start out on his own with a company that shared his values. Fisher believes that technology should be used as a tool for learning and creative expression and that budget means nothing without passion and the aim to change the world for the better.

Stephen produces work ranging from Augmented reality, photography and character design.

rat scurrier


Fisher and IntAR-Media worked closely with Frequency to develop a fun and engaging app for the festival – the first of its kind – that aims to enhance the experience of the festival-goers by giving users an interactive guide to the schedule as well as extra information and mini games to accompany their journey along the festival trail. 


We got the chance to ask Stephen a few questions:

What will the Frequency Festival App bring to Lincoln this October?

The Frequency application is for me not just a tool for providing information rather a method of engaging audiences via technology and encouraging exploration and education. Games are often seen as a form of escapism where anything is possible and no penalties lie and it is this, which has driven forward my interest into game design and interactive media as a whole. As a whole I believe people can achieve great things however we are often scared to do so, events like Frequency festival brings communities and expression together giving light and happiness.

What are you looking forward to about this years festival?

I am personally looking forward to meeting and seeing the talented work of my peers and delve into new worlds and passion that so many artists have clearly put into this years Frequency.

What does liberation mean to you?

Liberation for me is not just about the freedom of expression we as creative’s have but the responsibilities we have to inspire and help others reach their dreams.



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