Artist Focus: James Brown

6 October, 2015

Just, why? Why would you do this, James Brown, lead dev on Taphobos? The whole of human creation ready to be explored in new, virtual worlds and you choose to trap people in an actual coffin and wrap an Oculus to their eyeholes? That’s just cruel. And, of course, genius.” Rock Paper Shotgun


coffinJames’ main medium of work is in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in the field of Computer Science exploring uncomfortable experiences through the use of technology such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. After recently graduating from a BSc Games Computing, he is now completing a MSc by Research in Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. His work has been shown at shows such as EGX Rezzed London, AMAZE Berlin and the two5six Festival New York.


You’re buried alive, running out of oxygen and your only hope is to work together with a complete stranger. Taphobos: An immersive coffin experience was developed to explore uncomfortable gaming experiences, with most games utilising jump scares, Taphobos makes you physically uncomfortable playing on the fear of being trapped and the fear of being buried alive. One person wears an Oculus Rift headset inside a coffin, while the second player is connected to a laptop playing a first person game, exploring a church, they communicate from the coffin to find clues.

Are you ready to experience Taphobos?

Taphobos will be at the Chad Varah House both weekends of Frequency 15.
Taphobos featured at 3.20

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