Artist Focus: Luciana Haill

29 September, 2015


Sussex based fine artist Luciana Haill works creatively with neurotechnologies, digital media, performance, sound and drawing to create works where science and art collide.

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Haill’s practice primarily consists of performance and participatory installation pieces which analyse and augment brainwave signals into amplified sensory installations, often including the real-time monitoring of the participants own brainwaves to control and create interactive experiences. Her work is described as a form of contemporary surrealism, and Haill is considered as a pioneering artist in her field.

Currently Head of Augmented Consciousness for The Institute of Unnecessary Research in Brighton, Luciana Haill is also a Visiting Research Fellow and Artist in Residence at Sussex University in the department of Informatics. She has exhibited at major venues internationally, including The Royal Institution, FACT, The Sage in Gateshead, iMAL Gallery in Brussels, CENART in Mexico City and the Waag Society in Amsterdam. Her recent practice focuses on the investigation of sleep and dreamlike states, and specifically looks into the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming, where the dreamer experiences consciousness-like awareness during the dream.


Luciana Haill brings her work Phrontesterion: Dreamachine with EEG to Frequency ‘15. An interactive installation exploring the “Flicker” phenomenon, where an illusion of constant light is created by intermittent light stimuli occurring at a specific rate, the piece encourages the participant to “view” a light sculpture with their eyes closed as their brainwaves are measured and interpreted as a soundscape to accompany the experience. The aim of the work is to inspire visions, dreamlike states and fleeting inspirations.

Luciana’s work has previously shown at  Kinetica Art Fair, London 2014 and Transmission Symposium, Bournemouth 2015.

Tunes on the brain: Luciana Haill’s EEG art (Wired UK)

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