Artist Focus: Nick Driftwood

12 October, 2015


Nick Driftwood is a Brighton based film-maker and videographer, originally from Lincoln, who has worked with film and broadcast technologies all his professional life. He is passionate about exploring the creative and technical capabilities of prosumer technology and is known internationally for his legendary “Driftwood Settings” for the Panasonic GH2, which allowed users to get higher quality footage from their cameras.

Nick trained at Central St Martins, Brighton Film School and ACT (Academy of Creative Training). He runs Driftwood Productions and has made films in collaboration with internationally renowned artists including Turin Brakes, Martyn Ware, DotComedy and Periplum as well as producing his own award winning film and theatre productions.

Nick’s current projects include “Swim to Land” – a short narrative music film starring actor and songwriter Arabella Gibbons (Laughing Stock) and Toby Sebastian (Game of Thrones)

Nick’s experimental work in film alongside his technical knowledge and curiosity led to an approach from Panasonic to be one of their professional Ambassadors. Nick reviews and critiques products, tests innovations in technology pre-market and leads workshops for aspiring and professional digital artists and film-makers.



Nick’s film work ROAD – produced by Donna Close and made in collaboration with composer Kevin Matthews – is an immersive, non linear, 4k screen work for public spaces and was inspired by a road trip across the US.

ROAD is a reflection on the relationship between personal freedom and technology, the symbolism of America as the “land of the free” and its links to the rise of individualism that grew with the onset of the technological age. The soundscape accompanying the piece, created by composer Kevin Matthews, is made using the compression of the 4k visuals shown on screen. This will provide a “heard” understanding of the data driving the images and allows the soundscape to change according to the pace and grading of the film, creating a soundtrack that is borne of its location.

ROAD is showing throughout the festival at Chad Varah House, and marks the first time Nick’s work has been screened in his home city.

Nick will also be giving a lecture on the developments in and applications of 4k technology for university students and budding film-makers. He will show how 4k filming allows the amateur film-maker to generate cinema quality high resolution images with more affordable equipment and demonstrates his work with streamparser technology to deconstruct the filmed image and analyse the results of what makes up a picture and how this evokes emotional responses.

Nick will be talking about the benefits of 4k and how to edit 4k video quickly and more cost effectively.

Keep an eye on for updates on the location and time of this talk.

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