Artist Focus: seeper

23 October, 2015

WHO ARE seeper?

Founded 15yrs ago and based in London, seeper is a collective of people creating a variety of work utilising technology and the possibilities of user interaction. By creating interactive and accessible work, they aim to introduce older and younger generations to things they may not have seen before. There mission is:

“to amaze and create a sense of awe and wonder.
Enchanting people to smile, let go and believe that anything is possible.”

seeper create work for many things, including art, advertising, education and live events. Working with brands, agencies, retailers, galleries, and festivals.

Past installations and work include the Smiler Roller Coaster, BBC Christmas One Christmas Launch live on the One Show and Titanic 100 where they projected onto 6 facades of one of the most complex building surfaces in the world, to an audience of 60,000 people.


After Dark At The Castle

The one the few and the many is an interactive light show using an interactive laser grid, single and multiple user platforms and mirrored light shows, the installation is a playful and entertaining visual example of the relationship between engagement and power. The viewer will see how their activation of the “circles of power” that they stand on causes knock on effects in the light show, emphasising the power of the individual to make a difference.

A projection display light show will be cast onto the façade of Lucy Tower at Lincoln Castle, illuminated in coded graphics and CGI effects, showing a visual journey through history right up to the modern day. The work explores the revolution that technology has caused in the dissemination of ideas and therefore power, and highlights the freedom technology gives us to do the impossible.

A competition was launched to give the people of Lincoln a chance to be a part of the show. Ten lucky winners were filmed in Lincoln University to have their faces projected onto Lucy tower for the finale events of Frequency 2015.

Are You The One?

Cobb Hall provides an atmospheric setting for an abstract investigation of power and self for seeper’s Are You The One?  and invites you to experience the light and the dark side of power.

Discomfort coupled with exhilaration, the interaction across space and time and the weight of power on an individual is metaphorically visualised. God rays light up the space at times and darkness will encroach at others. seeper references the historical concept of the sovereign looking to the heavens as ‘chosen (by God)’ and plays with the perception and reality of control within this. Imagined Glory and isolation come together to disconcert, inspire and question you as a viewer.

The psychological weight of power is dramatically explored using ethereal yet physical elements including light, sound and aroma, but also virtually allowing an individual to break earthly boundaries and experience rising above; raising questions around the true nature of individual power and perception.

Are You The One? was commissioned by Lincoln Castle, Lincolnshire County Council and Threshold Studios. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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