Artist Focus: Shun Ito

19 October, 2015

Who Is Shun Ito?

Japanese dancer and artist Shun Ito developed his keen interest in physical expression whilst studying at Tama Art University in Tokyo. He joined dance company KARAS in 1987 and studied his particular style under famed choreographer and dancer Saburo Teshigawara, acting as a technical assistant as well as performing.

Shun Ito left KARAS in 2001 and started to turn his experiences as a dancer into sculptural art. The consciousness of gravity he gained through his dance became a major influence in his creations, recognising the various effects the force can have on movement and how movement can then seem to defy gravity.

Light is a crucial element in his work, with combinations of light, shadow and accelerations of movement creating complicated rhythms which then produce a myriad of colours and shapes.

Cosmic birds 3

What is Shun Ito Bringing To Frequency?

Shun Ito started creating his Cosmic Birds pieces in 2012, and he brings his collection so far to Frequency ’15.

Shun Ito is attracted to simple falling or spinning movements caused by gravity and the complicated phenomena borne of these motions which can be observed everywhere in nature. The artists sees this as the essence of every phenomenon, including human emotion. Cosmic Birds are created from a series of experiments in movement and gravity. Assembled from frames, gears and drive systems, the pieces are thrown out into the air and left for gravity to have its effect.

Varioys rotational accelerations create complicated rhythms from the light which then resonate with the rhythms of human physiology and perception, allowing the artist and the viewer to observe otherwise invisible rules of nature and the universe. The sculptures shine in beautiful movement and aim to inspire a sense of peace and tranquility.

Cosmic Birds can be seen at Chad Varah House throughout the festival.

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