Artist Spotlight: Darkfield

31 October, 2021

“Unsettling audio that turns your home into a sci-fi dystopia.”  THE GUARDIAN ****

Artists David Rosenburg and Glen Neath have been making work together since 2011. In 2016 they formed Darkfield with producer Andrea Salazar and began to create a series of shows in bespoke shipping container environments, using darkness and immersive experiences to explore fear and anxiety. 

Born out of the restrictions of the pandemic, but remaining true to their unique immersive audio aesthetic, was Darkfield Radio.

DARKFIELD RADIO is an app, a brand new, innovative form of entertainment directly responding to the new age we are living in, immersing audiences in strange and curious worlds in their own home and bringing new meaning to the familiar spaces we inhabit.

The first season of shows launched in July 2020 to critical acclaim, featuring in major film festivals such as Venice International Film Festival, IDFA and Raindance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and winning Columbia’s Digital Storytelling Lab’s Breakthrough Award in recognition of the year’s most innovative narrative.

Read an interview with Darkfield on Pop Out Festival’s brochure here.

Season One: Trilogy (Double, Visitors, Eternal) show times: 7pm/7:45pm/8:30pm (the trilogy is £30 for two people) or book a ticket for Eternal at 8:30pm on it’s own (£7.50 for one person).

Book your tickets for Season One

Season Two: Knot trilogy show times: 3pm/3:45pm/ 4:30pm and 7pm/7:45pm/8:30pm (the trilogy is £22.50 for one person).

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