Artist Spotlight – Graham Elstone

19 October, 2023

‘Ode to…’ Created by Graham Elstone and Thomas Hallis an interactive artwork that combines visuals and audio with projection to create a playful artwork. Commissioned by Nottingham Lightnight 2023, ‘Ode to…’ is an artwork that celebrates the work of the busker, those who dedicate their time to playing music in public spaces often without any clear reward apart from passer-by affirmation. The work is directly influenced by ‘Xylophone man’ a busker who played in one spot for over fifteen years in Nottingham and is directly engaging with the overall busker ethic suited to be shown in public spaces, on the street and public-facing. Come and have a play and release the busker in you.

An example of the fantastic ODE TO by Graham Elstone

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To learn more about Graham Elstone and his incredible artistry, visit his website or follow him on Instagram and YouTube for the latest updates and insights into his creative world. Explore his portfolio and stay connected to the evolving world of ‘ODE TO’ and beyond.

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