Artist Spotlight – John Whall

19 October, 2023

John Whall is a Digital Participation Artist. He uses digital tools and materials to creatively engage audiences with arts and contemporary culture.

His work explores the intersectionality between digital and participatory practice, through collaborative and co-creative processes, with a focus on creating together. This involves the development of processes that translate complex digital practice into accessible creative activities, which inspire and empower audiences in the creation of immersive experiences.

John was recently supported by the Arts Council England’s (ACE) Developing Your Own Creative Practice (DYCP) fund, where he explored participant-led co-creation in immersive spaces, with the aim of developing high-quality digital experiences that champion the diverse creative expression of our communities.

John Whall Play Lab

Get to know the artist

We asked John Whall some questions to get to know him and his practice better.

What does the theme ‘Emergence’ mean to you/your practice?

Emergence for me is that spark of creativity that generates ideas in an audience member’s brain and the confidence to say to themselves “I can be creative too”.

What do you love most about being a part of our festival?

I love that Frequency is a festival for audiences from all walks of life. A place that can inspire new ideas and expose the public to the accessibility that digital culture can bring.

What would you like the audience to take away from experiencing your work?

I would like audiences to see digital as something that they can be a part of creativity. Something that isn’t complex or hard to understand, but fun, inspiring and within reach

Could you describe the feeling you get when you see your art resonating with people?

When you see art truly resonating with people and that spark of imagination and joy is ignited, then you know the person has had an experience that could have a lasting impact on their confidence and creativity. That is a wonderful and powerful thing to experience as an artist.

John Whall Portrait

Find out more about John Whall

You can find out more about John Whall by exploring their website, and by following them on Instagram and Twitter.

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