Artist Spotlight – Lauren Hubbard

19 October, 2023

Lauren Hubbard is a multi-disciplinary artist who works from her studio situated on the top floor of a Victorian ex-shoe factory in Northampton, UK. They work mainly with sculpture and textiles as well as painting, collage and printmaking and has experience with short filmmaking. She is 85% Skulls and Robots and is neurodivergent.

Lauren has participated in many joint and group exhibitions and art projects. Most recently, Lauren was one half of the exhibition, ‘Dyadic Menagerie’.

Her artistic endeavours extend to involvement in Northampton art groups, helping to plan and run community-centric arts events.

Lauren planned and ran ‘Green Screen Film and Art Festival’ at the Fishmarket Gallery. Strongly involved with the ‘Make It!’ community group for a number of years, Lauren is now the treasurer of the ‘Let’s Draw’ community group and has a major role in organizing recent community events.

Lauren was a significant contributor to the ‘Film Lab’ monthly short film showcase.

Lauren Hubbard Skulls and Robots

Get to know the artist

We asked Lauren Hubbard some questions to get to know her and her practice better.

What does the theme ‘Emergence’ mean to you/your practice?

The Artwork I have made for the theme of the festival is to portray the suggestion of a new creative thought. Often my work emanates from abstract thought and the need to physically process information in a three-dimensional way.

What do you love most about being a part of our festival?

I love a new challenge and having the opportunity to digitize my work is so exciting. To have worked alongside so many well-chosen artists and art groups and to see their work in the flesh will be such a treat.

What would you like the audience to take away from experiencing your work?

My work elicits totally different responses depending on the viewer: I hope the audience will take away a positive experience.

What message or emotion do you aim to convey through your work?

Curiosity, thought and a good dose of happiness.

Could you describe the feeling you get when you see your art resonating with people?

I’m absolutely stoked when my art resonates with people.

Lauren Hubbard skulls and robots

Find out more about Lauren Hubbard

You can find out more about Lauren Hubbard by exploring their website, and by following them on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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