Artist Spotlight – Liminal Creative

19 October, 2023

Liminal Creative is a UK-based, Neurodivergent artist collective making accessible, socially engaged work for public space.

Through audio-visual installations and small-scale performer-led pieces, they seek to address barriers to creative experiences.

Whilst the subject matters are serious and often difficult, at the heart of everything they do is a sense of awe, wonder and playfulness, creating work that puts the audience at the centre of the experience.

The Care Takers by Liminal Creative

Get to know the artist

We asked Liminal Creative some questions to get to know them and their practice better.

What would you like the audience to take away from experiencing your work?

We hope that The Care Takers brings awareness to the lives of those living with or caring for someone with memory loss and encourages people to see the person still living and not the deficits created by illness or injury.

We also hope that this piece encourages audiences to think about the stories of their lives and the legacy they might leave behind. How will they preserve their personal histories for others and who will they share their memories with?

What message or emotion do you aim to convey through your work?

Our work is mostly concerned with telling difficult stories in playful and engaging ways so we always hope that people will connect to the narratives and themes in their own way. Our work connects with people on different levels because we know that part of being human is to view things through your own, lived experience. We all interpret things in our own way so we hope that people go away feeling that we’ve somehow spoken to them on a personal level.

Find out more about Liminal Creative

You can find out more about Liminal Creative by exploring their website, or by following them on Instagram and Twitter.

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