Artist Spotlight – Tom Dale Company

14 October, 2023

The Tom Dale Company’s mission is to transform the audience’s experience of dance; to ignite the public appetite for dance; and to develop new audiences. They commit to developing technically smart ways of presenting new work, and through their award-winning participatory projects, they inspire the next generation of dance makers and support the development of happy, healthy, creative and collaborative young people.

They thrive on the development of cross-art-form partnerships, collaborating with extraordinary digital media artists, electronic musicians, poets, writers and visual artists to create contemporary dance that is relevant, exciting and accessible. In fact, they contribute to the artistic advancement of dancers and choreographers through continuing professional development opportunities and also by providing professional training for dance teachers and schools.

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Based in Nottingham, Tom Dale Company create world-class, collaborative, contemporary performance which is brave, explorative, exciting, urban and visceral and tour this work across the UK and internationally.

They combine dance, new technologies and the digital arts to offer an immersive experience and challenge convention. Their practice is to holistically combine movement, light, sound and energy in a dynamic and shifting relationship within space and time; putting the body at the centre of digital interaction.

Join us at Frequency Festival 2023 for a mesmerizing journey with the Tom Dale Company. Prepare to be captivated by their cutting-edge contemporary dance and innovative choreography that pushes the boundaries of movement and technology. Find out more about the Tom Dale Company and their work on their website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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