Be part of the Frequency team!

27 September, 2013

Do you want to be part of the Frequency 13 team? ‘Course you do, we’re lovely.

We need dynamic, positive and professional volunteers to help at Frequency events during the Festival.  Whether you can commit to an evening, a day or the whole festival we would like to hear from you.

There are a few positions available for you to apply for:

Events Team Member: This includes VIP events, live music, performance, talks and debates. We need adaptable and responsible people to make sure that visits to these events go smoothly and visitors have a great experience. We need volunteers to: steward live events, assist with hosting delegates and VIP visitors to the festival, assist with the delivery of events.

Exhibition Host: We need volunteers to oversee exhibits/performances/installations during festival week, to engage positively with members of the public to ensure that they enjoy their visit, to promote Frequency, to be a dynamic member of the Frequency team, to oversee the opening and closing of exhibits/installations/etc.

Outdoor Events Volunteer: From Thursday 24th to Saturday the 26th we will be hosting an outdoor programme of live arts. We need volunteers to oversee exhibits/performances/installations during festival week, manage any necessary paperwork related to the exhibit i.e. interpretation sheets, evaluations etc. and guide people towards exhibitions and performances

Street Team Volunteer: We need outgoing street teams to let people know that Frequency is happening and provide information to members of the public. We need volunteers to: distribute flyers, guides etc. within the city centre and surrounding areas, engage with members of the public to excite them about Frequency 2013, give out merchandise i.e. badges etc.

Technical Team: We need volunteers to assist the Technical Team during festival week and during the install and setup period in October, support and help exhibitors.

Please note that some of this work may involve heavy lifting and some physically demanding work as well as outdoor working. Although not all roles require this, please let us know in your application if this is a problem so we can accommodate you.

The great news is, if you like the look of more than one role, for example, you fancy being part of the Technical Team but would like to try your hand at being part of the Street Team, you can! We want you to build as many skills as possible through your involvement with the festival, and we will do all that we can to support you.

If you’d like to apply for one of these positions, or would like some more information, please email Rebecca

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