Culture Cafe

26 October, 2015

On Wednesday 28 October, Lincoln Cultural and Arts Partnership (LCAP) will host a Culture Cafe at The Rest, 55 Steep Hill, Lincoln, 6pm – 7.30pm.

This event will focus on the relationship between the arts and business in our great small city and will seek to support network-building amongst creative professionals and local business owners and entrepreneurs.

A vibrant cultural landscape is essential in a developing city.  It acts as a magnet, attracting – and retaining – students, graduates, young professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, investment, talent and skills.  It is a driver of economic growth and encourages social cohesion and wellbeing.  It animates and inspires, challenges and entertains, captures imaginations and strengthens identity.  It’s great for business.

But it needs nurturing.

How can we work together to support creativity, talent development and cultural activity in the city?  How should the arts and business interact and relate to one another? How can we help Lincoln to become a cultural hotspot that buzzes and draws people in?

Join the conversation!

To confirm your attendance please follow this link:  We also hope to be able to offer guests a private view of some of the Frequency Festival programme.  Hope to see you there!

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