#Freq10Years: Urban Projections

20 January, 2022

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary of Frequency Festival we asked artists and audiences to write about their journey with Frequency, and send us in some of their memories.

This quote comes from an amazing artist we have worked with in 2013 and again in 2019, Rebecca Smith from Urban Projections.

“My work with Frequency forms a really important part of my artistic practice over the past 10 years.

The commissions, performances and ideas generated as a result of the festival, have been pivotal in building my artistic language. I feel that the festival has helped me to realise my creative potential and given voice to my ideas.

Frequency surprises and delights audiences. It gives them agency and ownership of spaces, offering permission to explore new ideas and try new things.

I am sure that Frequency will continue to connect audiences and creatives for decades to come, nurturing digital talent and encouraging grass roots inspirations for future generations.”

If you have memories of Frequency you’d like to share, your favourite photos, memories, experiences with Frequency over the years, share a story of yours by sending them to with the subject line ‘Freq 10 years’.

We’re hoping to collect all these memories and use some over social media, blogs, archive and a special 10th anniversary catalogue. In the meantime please share your memories on social media channels by tagging us and using the #Freq10years hashtag.

We would like to say an enormous thanks to you, our Frequency friends and supporters, who make Frequency possible!

Here’s to another decade of digital adventures!

A billboard with an image of a girl wearing a head scarf, with a mandala and stars in the background.
Stylus, Urban Projections at Frequency Festival 2013. Courtesy of the artist.

Mixing paint and projection, in 2013 Urban Projections created site specific piece of ever-changing art during a three-night residency at Frequency.  Over the course of 3 nights a blank billboard transitioned through different states with to comment on the festivals theme of ‘Revolution’. The states explored consumerist and political propaganda, recent forces of political change and a calling message to act NOW, encouraging the viewer to examine their own interpretation of ‘Revolution’.

Watch Urban Projections’ film of Stylus at Frequency Festival 2013. 

Three large cubes hanging from a frame, three people standing with their heads in them and the rest of their bodies not.
I See You, Urban Projections at Frequency Festival 2019. Photo credit Electric Egg

I See You by Urban Projections at Frequency Festival 2019, was a playful mixed media installation exploring the increasing integration of technology into our lives.

Audiences were invited to pop their heads in patterned cubes and see what they find. In a time where we continually navigate complex interactions with social media, our online presence and technology in the home, this experience asks ‘do we use technology to help define ourselves, or does it define us?’.

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