Greetings from Streetview! Willa Jamieson

February 9, 2019 | Artwork, Blog, Featured, News

Google Streetview is a useful tool. It helps us to navigate and familiarise ourselves with a location before we even set foot in it. This photographic project looks at the ethics of surveillance, taking Streetview images of individuals minding their own business in their garden or street, and turning them into postcards. Wish you were here?

Visit the online photography gallery here.

About the Artist

Willa Jamieson

Willa is a Lincolnshire based photographer studying BA Photography at the University of Lincoln. Her work covers a variety of subjects, primarily focusing on abandoned spaces and derelict landscapes, places discarded by society. This work is part of a project examining the ethics of surveillance.

Symposium 2019 website

Facebook: /DarkArtPic

Facebook: /DiSrupTion2019

Instagram: @willajamieson1

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