Impossible Projects

25 October, 2013

On my late night walk around the city for Frequency 13’s out of hours, I came across the Impossible: Lightweight 360 degree screen tucked away in St Benedict’s Square.

Combining the digital with participatory, Lightweight involves the public by processing their faces onto the 4 meter orb but with an animated twist. You could be Yoda, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse or part of the winged flock where wings are sprouting from your ears!

This interactive installation has strong ties with this year’s ‘Revolution’ theme as it combines the old with the new. The public have 5 pictures taken of their face on an archaic old movie style camera (complete with a bird perched on top) which is then digitally mapped onto the screen.

Paired with magical music coming from seven hidden speakers around the square, it is hard not to stop and stare out of curiosity as this mesmeric orb appears from behind the trees. Set in a contrasting environment, this digital installation will capture your imagination and you’ll find it hard to leave!


Lana Elway, Festival Reporter

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