Industrial Quarry, Victoria Roberts

9 January, 2019

Large scale black and white images show the magnitude of an industrial quarry and how it disrupts the surrounding landscape. A quarry can have multiple impacts on the environment; visual intrusion, dust, damaged landscape, loss of land and a deterioration in water quality.

Created in response to the Frequency Festival 2019 theme, ‘Disruption=Cultural Reinvention’, Robert’s photographs put the often-unearthly quarry landscapes front and centre, while her captions explore the work the industry is doing to restore this land to agriculture or woodland.

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About the Artist

Victoria Roberts

Victoria was born in Grimsby and is currently attending the University of Lincoln, Studying BA (Hons) Photography Programme. Her work explores a variety of different genres, such as portraiture, fashion, landscapes and still life’s. In her work she aims to show the beauty of a place, which may be hidden to others.

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Instagram: @vr_photoz

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