Objectively Funny Online Wellness Workshop

29 October, 2021

Tune in and relax as you listen to an improvised digital piece designed to free your mind of the distractions of modern life. A wonderfully tongue in cheek performance created by Lola-Rose Maxwell, Jay Bennett and Martin Willis of live comedy production company and mental health support organisation, Objectively Funny.

Namaste! Veruca, Buggsy and Rain invite you to join their no distractions thought space, where we meditate (for the brain), nutritionise (for the body), and gratitudinate (for the soul).

It’s an open space for warmth and kindness, where we support one another over Zoom in a loosely structured manner in order to free our minds and unlock our hearts, free of the distractions of modern-day living.

Open to all experience levels and chakrabilities. Suitable for all ages, probably!

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