ORGANIC ELECTRONIC – audio reactive lazer bending vibrating structure

October 26, 2019 | Blog, Blog, News, News updates

“A visual metaphor for the incredible fluidity of thought and speech.”


Zach Walker and Reeps One have brought this audio reactive laser bending vibrating structure to Frequency 2019.

It looks amazing in the video above, however you can see Organic Electronic as you’ve never seen it before in the underground Posterngate until Sunday.

We asked Zach Walker what does ‘Disruption = Cultural Reinvention’ mean to his practice,

“Disruption is a key to catching people’s attention and creating the opportunity for them to reconsider the things they see everyday, when you place something special/interesting/provoking in an area that is considered common or not considered at all there is significant possibility for change to occur.”



Visit Organic Electronic at Frequency.

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