Frequency Online Zone is live!

25 October, 2019

The Frequency Online Zone is the festival without borders. Connect virtually to explore our exclusive programme of online commissions and works from artists, writers and thinkers.

Frequency is a festival with democracy at its heart. We believe that everyone has the right to access ideas, space and a platform to debate. Digital is about everyone, and in a connected world we are all equal.

For Frequency Festival 2019 a selection of specially commissioned works are presented exclusively online in the festival Online Zone at

You are invited to discover our exclusive programme of online commissions and new works from artists, photographers, writers and thinkers who are featured in the Online Zone; bringing exciting and thought provoking experiences to our audiences in the comfort of their own homes or on the device in their pockets.

Writer, artist and filmmaker Dolly Sen, asks, “If I let a search engine manage my soul, what does it make of me? And can I subvert it in any way?” Dolly’s online installation My Soul Is A Search Engine, asks how we determine worth, and value difference, in the age of the Internet. We look to our phones and devices for answers, but perhaps they just replicate the biases out there in the non-digital world.

In 2019 Sophie Rogers undertook a residency with Mansions of the Future where she researched the concept of ‘worlding’. The resulting digital commission, A Confused Mass, was created to coincide with Frequency 2019 and features on the festival Online Zone. Sophie Rogers is a visual artist whose practice focuses on the act of word-building within virtual and manufactured spaces.

Are Facebook & Google dangerous? They sure are. The article Innocence Vs Data Theft, by writer Phil Cosker, explores the concept that we need to reinvent, and own, new ways of using the digital world to promote freedom of expression and freedom from exploitation by capitalism.

Thomas Grogan’s online work, YouKnow, explores journalism from new perspectives. This project will explore such matters as ‘Fake News’ by working collaboratively with BBC staff and AI tools like knowbot, chatbot and probot, for the production of future content. Through this process of working with the BBC, Thomas will explore the opportunities and challenges that crowdsourced user generated content could present.

In Industrial Quarry by Victoria Roberts, large scale black and white images show the magnitude of the industrial side of a quarry and how it disrupts the surrounding landscape. Robert’s photographs put the often-unearthly quarry landscapes front and centre, while her captions explore the work the industry is doing to restore this land to agriculture or woodland. Grimsby-born Victoria is currently studying BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Lincoln.

The people in Greetings From Google Streetview! by Willa Jamieson have had their personal space recorded and published online. They have no say in the matter. Their faces have been blurred, but their identity is still visible by location. Looking at the ethics of surveillance, Jamieson takes Google Streetview images of individuals minding their own business, and turns them into postcards. Willa Jamieson is a Lincolnshire based photographer studying BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Lincoln.

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