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WE-Hope – Juliet Russell and Zach Walker

Date: Thursday 28 October

Time: 12noon-7pm (Installation), 7pm & 7:45pm (Live choir performances)

Location: Cornhill

Out of crisis experiences, hope for the future.

WE-Hope is inspired by the first-hand histories of those experiencing, living and navigating migration and separation. It celebrates their resilience through visuals, sound and voice.  WE-Hope finds humanity in stories of survival, repeated through the ages on a global scale.

The ancient artform of Cantastoria used pictures and song to tell stories in the public spaces where we all live, work and play.  Award-winning artist collective Make Amplify (Zach Walker) and musician, vocalist and composer Juliet Russell, collaborate to update this ancient artform to amplify these stories and individuals through installation and performance.

WE-Hope will be open during the day as an interactive installation and we invite you to join us on Thursday evening for very special performances by the Artists and singers from Birchwood Sings and Nettleham Community Choir.

Come see and hear these personal stories of migration.

Live choir performances 7pm & 7:45pm. No booking required.

About the Artist

Juliet Russell is a composer, musical director and founder of Vocal Explosion. Her voice has been described as ‘Brilliantly haunting’ by Stage Magazine, and her compositions as ‘blissed out acapella’ by The Independent.

Her music has been performed by choirs, brass and bhangra bands in cathedrals, castles, beaches, Mayan temple sites and football stadiums around the world.

Zach Walker is a member of the Make Amplify collective and multi-disciplinary artist whose collection of visual and audio work has been commissioned for galleries, museums, festivals, large-scale corporate events and bespoke private clients, all over the world.

Make Amplify are an award winning artist collective that create spectacular outdoor immersive events that connect people and transform public spaces into the extraordinary.

Birchwood Sings is a fun and friendly singing group, based in Birchwood, open to anyone that wants to sing.

Instagram – @vocalexplosion100, @itszachwalker

Facebook – Vocal Explosion – Hastings 

Youtube – Juliet Russell

About the Commission

WE-Hope (2019-22) is a partnership project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, that addresses the challenges of social cohesion across Europe. In this context, the artists will work with living testimonies from survivors of conflict and traumas collected by the partners of the WE-Hope project to update the ancient visual storytelling notion of the Cantastoria using digital augmentation. The partnership consists of two higher education institutions (the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the University of Lincoln (UoL)), three cultural associations (Memoro, Greek Bank of Memories, Michael Culture AISBL (MCA)) and Threshold Studios.

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The We-Hope presentation in Lincoln has been commissioned through Digital Democracies a two-year programme led by Threshold Studios and supported by Arts Council England. Digital Democracies connects three UK-based commissioning festivals, Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture (Produced by Threshold Studios), Freedom Festival (Produced by Freedom Festival Arts Trust) and Brighton Digital Festival (Directed by Lighthouse) to explore the intersection of technology, art and public space.

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