Step Sonic Research

9 October, 2019

Tom Dale Company presents

Step Sonic: Part 1 & 2
A tribute to electronic music

Part 1, Step Sonic
A new, live form of dance music

Breath, voice, the noise of bodies impacting and the sound of feet & limbs on the floor create the score of this new dance work.
Three dancers unite in an amplified environment. Shotgun microphones, custom made instruments, plate reverbs and amplified boxes capture the rhythms and sounds. Sampled live by composer Jo Wills, our dancers become The Band creating a new type of dance music/music dance.

Part 2
3 Solo’s by 3 Choreographers

A celebration of the instrumental impact music has had on contemporary dance, featuring

SURGE by Tom Dale :

Adrenaline charged, awe-inspiring, furious urban contemporary dance performed by one of the UK’s rising stars

Resonance of Air by Eleesha Drennan:
Surprising rhythms of bat echolocation set the score for a virtuosic display of visible echoes.

And a new work by Jamaal Burkmar:
Soul, rhythm and blues, funk, pop and a classical music infusion inspired by Janelle Monae.

Focused on the body and movement Step Sonic part 1 & 2 is a visceral, explosive and captivating performance.


Step Sonic is showing at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on 25 October 2019, 7:30pm as part of Frequency Festival.

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