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Furtherfield is the UK’s leading organisation, with an international reach, for art shows, labs, & debates around critical questions in art and technology, since 1997.

People’s Magna Carta

Remix and renew Magna Carta for the digital age on the streets of Lincoln. Take part in art, games and performance over the course of the festival to assert and celebrate new liberties for everyone.

Furtherfield’s People’s Magna Carta is a Threshold Commission. Presented at Frequency Festival of Digital Culture, Lincoln 2015.

A Collider Conversation – Cybersalon Debate on Digital Bill of Rights

In partnership with Cybersalon, Threshold Studios presents, in collaboration with Furtherfield:

Join this debate on the digital future and have your say on what a Magna Carta for the digital age might involve. Discuss our contemporary rights and liberties, and the ways technology has influenced how we view our own freedoms.

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The Magna Carta remains a symbol of liberty, addressing questions of censorship, ownership, security, equality before the law, the right to jury trial, habeas corpus, and regular elections. Its significance is as relevant as ever when we consider the upheavals of our times.

However, the original charter addressed the relationships and rights of a powerful few.

Alongside the live events, a pop-up exhibition expands on the themes of the Magna Carta in the digital age by presenting work that investigates societal contexts around surveillance, big data, local freedoms, democracy, Peer 2 Peer culture, D.I.Y and D.I.W.O (Do It With Others), digital and physical. The exhibition features critically engaged artists currently working internationally, making art that reaches beyond established artistic practices.

Featured artworks:

A Charge for Privacy by Branger_Briz,  2011 (Digital video and iPhone Station)
A Charge for Privacy is an iPhone charging station which functions as a metaphor for the online services that we use and depend on for our most intimate and private exchanges (Facebook, Gmail, etc). Services that are thought to be “free” but are in fact paid for with a new digital-age currency, our privacy. Our charging station gives users a “free” charge (but not without agreeing to the Terms of Use) in exchange for all of the photos on their iPhone, which at the moment of connection, are downloaded to the station and projected publicly on the Gallery wall.

Jennifer Lyn Morone Inc  by Jennifer Lyn Morone, 2014 (HD video)
Jennifer Lyn Morone Inc reclaims ownership of personal data by turning her entire being into a corporation. JLM is a new business, established to determine the value of an individual. Currently, we do not own our identity nor control our data shadows that are created and captured by modern technology and sold for profit by governments and industry. Establishing a human as a corporation allows assets to be sold and data becomes company property. In this way, the whole process of resources, production and ownership is rightly reclaimed by the individual.

Facial Weaponization Communiqué: Fag Face by Zach Blas,  2012 (HD video and vacuum formed, painted plastic mask)
Facial Weaponization Suite protests against biometric facial recognition technologies and the inequalities they propagate. By making “collective masks” in community-based workshops that are modelled from the aggregated facial data of participants, Blas creates amorphous masks that cannot be read as human faces by machine surveillance network.

The Snowden Bust by Andrew Tilder and Jeff Greenspan, 2015 (3D print replica)
In April 2015, American artist Greenspan and Tilder placed a bust of Edward Snowden on a pillar within the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Originally called Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument 2.0, their aim was to draw parallels between those who fought for the ideals America was founded upon, and those who sacrifice their safety to expose modern-day breach on rights and civil liberties.

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Street Events

The People’s Magna Carta on the streets of Lincoln

Two weekends of art, play, action and wonder for adults and families with Furtherfield – on the streets and on digital devices for a contemporary remixing of the Magna Carta for the network age.

Adults and families look out and drop in to any of the free events. Get involved, watch, and tweet using the #peoplesmagnacarta hashtag.
WEEKEND ONE on the Streets of Lincoln – 24 and 25 October

Opening event! Challenging a Brick – Performance by Steve Sheehan

All human beings at some point in their lives are faced with something that they cannot change. But still we tryand resolve our pains and frustrations with emotion.The brick will always be a brick, no matter how you scream and shout at it.

TIME – first at 10am 24th October

PLACE – On the highstreet outside the Waterside Shopping Centre

Then repeated on the hour by local theatre students at different places around the town


Manifesto! – The democracy game by Matheson Marcault

A fast, funny drop-in game for adults and families that uses flags, boards and shouting.

Work against the other team to get your manifesto out first but beware – it’s going to be recorded forever, so it’d better be something you can all stand behind!


TIME – Drop-in 10:30am-5.00pm 24 and 25 October

PLACE – Inside or outside the Waterside Shopping Centre

In good weather – find us outside the main entrance on High Street

In poor weather – find us in the shopping centre


Everywhere a Sign- a Guided Walk by Tim Waterman

A walk around Lincoln and its sites of public resistance against authoritarian power.


TIME – 3pm Sat 24 Oct
TIME – 11am Sun 25 Oct

PLACE – start at Speakers’ Corner on the High Street at Cornhill in Lincoln. It will then head up the hill to the cathedral and then loop back down to the new waterfront development and end where it began. The route is fairly accessible, but there are steep hills and rough surfaces to contend with, so it may not be appropriate for people with limited mobility.

See here for more information about Everywhere a Sign



WEEKEND TWO on the Streets of Lincoln- 31 October and 1 November


The People’s Magna Carta Talkaoke with Talkaoke

Take a seat, grab a microphone and have your say in this public roundtable talk show and journey from one unexpected subject to another.

TIME – Drop-in 11am-5.00pm 31 October and 1 November

PLACE – Cornhill (or in the event of rain, in Waterside shopping centre)


Play Your Place – Play The People’s Magna Carta, with Ruth Catlow

Join the game jam, to draw, make and play a game of the future Magna Carta for the health, liberty and prosperity of all… or for total catastrophe!


TIME – Drop-in 11am-5.00pm 31 October and 1 November

PLACE – Cornhill (or in the event of rain, in Waterside shopping centre)



The People’s Magna Carta Scribes– local students of arts, media, business and law- will participate in and act as witnesses, alongside Lincoln’s festival visitors and regular shoppers, for all street events. They will observe and document any magna carta related utterances, actions, and exchanges, for relay to twitter using the #peoplesmagnacarta hashtag…. so creating a new people’s magna carta on the digital layer.

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